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  • High-grade paper Handbag Forming Machine(GY-1100A)
  • High-grade paper Handbag Forming Machine(GY-1100A)The high-grade handbag forming machine features a continuous function of automatic delivery, gluing, impressing, and tube formation at a stroke. It adopts hot-melts which dry quickly and various OPP, grease, gumming paper, no glue-spill, glue-leak, e...
  • High-grade paper handbag bottom-gluing machine(GY-50)
  • High-grade paper handbag bottom-gluing machine(GY-50)The high-grade paper handbag bottom-gluing machine features a continuous function of automatic gluing and bottom-gluing. The glue viscosity can be adjusted in accordance with requirements on bags, to make sure no glue-spill, glue-leak and clean bag s...
  • High-grade creasing and cutting machine(GY-203C)
  • High-grade creasing and cutting machine(GY-203C)The high-grade creasing and cutting machine features as creasing and cutting of single sheet, continuous impressing and cutting, open-cut delay with delay range adjustable arbitrarily. With reasonable operation height and wide range of pressing rack ...
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